Beta Alanine 800mg Tablets

  • May Delay the onset of fatigue
  • Effective dose of Beta-Alanine
  • Pure Beta-Alanine - 800 mg per capsule 120 Tablets Per Tub
  • 4 Tablets deliver 3.2 gm premium Beta-Alanine


The benefits of Beta-Alanine include increased muscle mass and
strength, increased aerobic endurance and decreased muscle fatigue.
This amino acid is usually used by bodybuilders and athletes whilst weight training, as it may increase the athlete's muscle strength and endurance.
Benefits can usually be noticed within the first two weeks of supplementation.



Active Ingredients Per Tablet

Beta Alanine 800mg

Inactive Ingredients

Dicalcium Phosphate
Microcrystalline cellulose
Silicon dioxide
Sodium Carboxymethy cellulose
Magnesium stearate
Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose



Take 4 tablets daily



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